Updated USA City Rankings, Philly passes LA!

Trey RatcliffUncategorized

Things are really tightening up across all the cities. Some cities have made a ton of progress and are just a few people away from passing the one above it. The big news this week is Philly has passed LA, a city 3x bigger than it in population! They’re really rallying their event there… and we’ve been working a lot with Erin Riedel to plan an amazing photo walk there! Anyway, here’s the rankings!

#1 San Francisco (still killin’ it)
#2 Washington DC (very impressive at #2!)
#3 New York (our first stop is hottin’ up!)
#4 Philly (was #5!)
#5 LA (slipped to #4)
#6 Chicago
#7 Miami (literally 2 people below Chicago)
#8 Dallas
#9 Atlanta
#10 Phoenix
#11 Nashville
#12 San Antonio (still in last… the Austin people are givin’ me grief for not pulling the bus into there)

I’m REALLY enjoying seeing all the photos people are posting in each city. Keep that up, as it’s a great way to get to know people in your city!

Be sure to go to your individual city page here on the website and connect with your Facebook event! There’s a link on each page…