Updated City Rankings! New York passes Washington DC! Also Chicago passes Philly!!

Trey RatcliffUncategorized

And here are the new city Photo Walk Rankings!

#1 San Francisco
#2 New York (was in 3rd place!)
#3 Washington DC (slipped a notch)
#4 LA (BUT ONLY BY 1 person ahead of Chicago)
#5 Chicago (was #6, just passed the strong Philly group!)
#6 Philly (and I just watched a Sunny last night, and you slipped!)
#7 Miami (these numbers will go up when we find the party spot!)
#8 Dallas (my home town…)
#9 Atlanta
#10 Phoenix
#11 Nashville
#12 San Antonio

Those ranks are based on the number of people that have signed up for the FB events. From past experience, about 4x that many people actually show up… so it’s gonna be a great party!

We’re about to update all the city pages to point to Google Communities for photos to be shared for each city. Stay tuned for that.

Here’s the Facebook Events below that you can join.

New York (Facebook Group Link)

Philadelphia (Facebook Group Link)

Washington DC (Facebook Group Link)

Chicago (Facebook Group Link)

Nashville (Facebook Group Link)

Atlanta (Facebook Group Link)

Miami (Facebook Group Link)

Dallas (Facebook Group Link)

San Antonio (Facebook Group Link)

Phoenix (Facebook Group Link)

Los Angeles (Facebook Group Link)

Burning Man (Facebook Group Link)

San Francisco (Facebook Group Link)